To show the range of lipstick colors Comestic Companies need dummy testers (end caps)
This production needs a specific technique to mold these color-matched plastic pieces :

  • 1) Bulk pigments analysis of lipstick or nail polish color components.
  • 2) Estimated formula mix (pigments + pure cristal styrene) used for the first injection tests.
  • 3) Injection test of few pieces that are send for customer's approval
  • 4) After colormatchings customer's approval production begins.
    Every 15 minutes the molded dummies are checked for color and molding conformity.
  • 5) Tester decoration in hotstamping ( flat or circular ) or tampoprinting.
  • 6) Checking the finished products and decoration quality - before packing.

Few companies have chosen this kind of Industry. The color is very subjective to the lighting, the clouds or the neons
" metamerism ".
Cosmeco and Wampl Plastic overcame this challenge to serve the cosmetic industry for over 30 years.
We thank our customers, among the most renowned cosmetic brands, for their confidence.